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Pre-engineered steel building

optimized steel solution

Steel structures built over a structural idea comprising primary members, secondary members, roof and wall sheets linked to one other, and numerous other building components are known as Pre-engineered buildings (PEB). All of the steel structures have been specially engineered to be lower in weight and more durable.

Major components of Pre-Engineered Buildings are:

1. Primary Members: Main Frame, Columns and Rafters

2. Secondary Members: Purlins, Girts, Eave Struts and Bracings

3. Sheeting or Cladding:  Corodek, Trimclad and standing seam lock 

4. Accessories: Doors, windows, roof curbs, bolts and fasteners

Skylights, wall lights, turbo vents, ridge ventilators, louvres, roof monitors, doors & windows, trusses, mezzanine levels, canopies, crane systems, insulation, and other structural and non-structural improvements can be added to Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings dependent on the customer’s needs.

Why Pre-engineered building?


Yes, we are a design and build company we offer complete package from design to production and then installation.

We provide multiple insulation options to our clients including sandwich panels and  Glasswool/Rockwool insulation.

Yes, please have a look on our projects page.